Lighthouse Street Entrance

Although our address is Church Cross Street, the main entrance, pictured right, lies on Lighthouse Street. We opened Fortaleza in 2012 and offer four, beautifully furnished, air conditioned en-suite bedrooms. In the adjoining courtyard, you will find our stunning Restaurant and Bar with its impressive exposed coral walls.

The main facade on Lighthouse Street is fronted by tall, fine timber columns, headed with carved, floral motifs. Careful attention to the renovations is reflected in all parts of the building

Fortaleza - The-Heart-of-Galle-Fort

Fortaleza Restaurant & Bar

Originally, a spice warehouse built by a Dutch merchant around 1700, this was our first building in the Fort and we were enthused by the scope for a small boutique hotel and restaurant, in certainly one of the most elegant buildings within the Fort.

Our Restaurant & Bar is open all day from breakfast through to the evening. We usually close the kitchen at 10pm and guests are free to linger on. The photo on the left shows the entrance to the restaurant from Church Cross Street.

Our food is an eclectic mix of western and Asian dishes, although aim to take advantage of the very best local ingredients.

The Heart of Galle Fort

Lighthouse Street runs nearly 700 metres through the centre of the Fort, from the international cricket ground just outside the main entrance gate in the north, to the most southerly point where it meets Rampart Street.

Our building is located halfway down Lighthouse Street, in the centre of the Fort and at the junction with Church Cross Street..

Close to our building are several schools; at the start of the day and mid afternoon when the schools close, the streets are teeming with white uniformed children carrying satchels.

Fortaleza - The-Entrance-Hall

The Entrance Hall

The main entrance gives way to an open hallway which extends the full height of the building.

Here, we exhibit exceptional, paintings from local artists and the hallway also contains antique artefacts, contemporary sculptures and somewhere to relax when you arrive before we show you to your room.

Our Rooms

The two Turquoise rooms are located on the ground floor, from the entrance hall. These are the two smaller bedrooms.

A wooden spiral staircase from the hallway leads to the two larger bedrooms on the first floor; The Master Bedroom and the Library Room.

All our rooms have four-poster beds with mosquito nets, thick mattresses and the finest quality linen. The rooms are stylishly, but simply furnished with handmade furniture and local fabrics. All rooms have some interesting books about the Fort and are decorated with fresh tropical flowers.

Fortaleza - Our-Rooms
Fortaleza - Galle Hotel - The-Library-Room

The Library Room

The Library Room lies on the first floor, with shutters that open underneath the columned facade and overlook Lighthouse Street.

Positioned on the corner of the building, with its high timbered ceilings, the bedroom also benefits from a huge round window which casts light from Church Cross Street.

The bathroom, with a shower, washbasin and WC has a shuttered window that looks onto the main courtyard and provides a welcome through-breeze.

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom lies on the first floor, with shutters that open underneath the columned facade and overlook Lighthouse Street.

Positioned on the corner of the building, with its high timbered ceilings, the bedroom also benefits from a small round window, which casts light from the courtyard.

This is our most spacious bedroom, with an en-suite with a shower, washbasin and WC.

Fortaleza - Galle Hotel - The-Master-Bedroom
The Turquoise Room

The Turquoise Rooms

The turquoise rooms are similar in size, one of which has a twin bed option. Both rooms open up onto the main hallway and have en suite bathrooms with a shower, washbasin and WC.

Both rooms are beautifully furnished with handmade teak furniture and local fabrics. They are air-conditioned, with mosquito nets, thick mattresses and the finest linen.One Turquoise Room looks out onto Lighthouse Street across the narrow veranda forming the main facade. The second Turquoise Room has a large window facing Church Cross Street.

No.9 Church Cross Street


Restaurant Courtyard at Night

Restaurant Courtyard from Church Cross Street

Restaurant Courtyard


Restaurant Courtyard at Night

Fortaleza Restaurant - Galle - BBQ

The Library Room


Local Tuna

Local Tuna- Fortaleza Restaurant Hotel Galle


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