No 5 Middle Street

Built in 1789 as the residence of a Dutch merchent, No. 5 Middle Street is a fine example of Dutch colonial architecture. Rescued from dilapidation in 2012, the renovation has preserved its original style retaining its original facade, high timber ceilings and towering arches. The additional new side wing employing a contemporary Rammed Earth construction technique blends effortlessly into the old. The entire ground floor is dedicated to living space while the four bedrooms on the first floor open up on to a polished timber wrap around balcony with views of the garden and lawn. Each room is individually designed with a blend of eastern and western touches, fine art, handmade furniture, oriental rugs, handmade tiles and polished concrete floors.

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom is a study in simplicity. The room is appointed with elegant hand-crafted furniture including a king sized bed and oriental rugs. An internal balcony looks down to the living room below and a walk-in closet gives way to an en- suite bathroom with its polished terrazzo bathtub and shower.

The Queen Bedroom

The Queen bedroom has a regal air about it. The furniture, oriental rugs on highly polished timber flooring and pieces of art all combine to give it its grand disposition. The en-suite bathroom is similarly styled and luxurious.

The Twin Bedroom

The Twin Room with its two single four poster beds has a great view of the garden. Polished timber flooring, and fine furniture are totally in keeping with rest of the property.

Children’s Bunk Room

The Children’s Bedroom with two bunk beds is perfect for a pack of four kids. It’s next door to the Master Bedroom and so is ideal for a family travelling with children. The room has separate bathroom facilities and the same attention to detail as the grown-up ones do.

Fortaleza – No 5 Middle Street
in The Heart of Galle Fort

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